Dr. László Sólyom
President of the Republic of Hungary
Dr. George A. Olah
Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry
Dr. István Hiller
Minister of Education and Culture
Welcoming message of George A. Oláh
It is my pleasure to invite you to the 40th International Chemistry Olympiad to be held in Budapest, in the city where my scientific career had started. Hungary has a long tradition of academic competitions, dating back to the 19th century. As one of the three founding countries, it will host the Chemistry Olympiad once again, 40 years after the first event. Being a friendly competition for secondary school students, the Olympiad motivates and educates the best students of more than 70 nations. There are only a few meetings in Chemistry that have such a wide participation reaching almost to the 80 percent of
the population of the globe. Chemistry has a wide array of unexplored and challenging problems to be solved by a new generation of chemists. I hope that the Olympiad will become an important starting point in the career of the participants towards Chemistry.

Oláh A. György

Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1994
Distinguished Professor of Organic Chemistry, University
of Southern California
Welcoming message of the Chairman
Dear Friends, I am really pleased to invite you to Budapest on the occasion of the 40th International Chemistry Olympiad. It is the fourth time that Hungary hosts this prestigious event and being a veteran IChO organizer I remember well the 3rd Olympiad, which was held at the Eötvös Loránd University. Looking back to these first steps of the chemistry olympiad movement, they started as local, friendly gettogether parties in chemistry. Since that time IChO’s have become professionally organized, world-wide events gaining considerable international reputation. Enlargement frequently results in loss of quality
but not in this case because these events are dominated by such basic values as the respect of science and education, clear and fair atmosphere of the competitions with all of these glued together by friendship and goodwill.

So come and try your professional skills in the course of the competitions, come and enjoy Hungary! In other words: ”Gaudeamus igitur...”

Szepes László

Chairman of the 40th IChO
Deputy Director of Education of the Institute of Chemistry,
Eötvös Loránd University