15th December 2008 Official report of the 40th IChO
21st July 2008 Photos
21st July 2008 Results
21st July 2008 Problems
July 7th 2008 Updated preparatory poblems
July 7th 2008 Updated errata
June 17th 2008 Important information on registration
June 4th 2008 Updated errata
May 27th 2008 Errata
May 22th 2008 Information on visa
May 22th 2008 Guest program
May 21th 2008 Preparatory problems with worked solutions
April 4th 2008 Pre- and post-olympiad accomodation
April 1st 2008 Accomodation for mentors   Danubius Health Spa Resort   and   Danubius Grand Hotel
February 5th 2008 Awareness of regulations and expectations of conduct
Preparatory problems
Restructured syllabus approved by the Steering Committee in Budapest, December 2007
Guidelines for mentors
Minutes of the Steering Committee meeting held in Budapest December 6-9, 2007
Approved applications for IUPAC support for IChO-40, 2008
IUPAC support - details and application
The 40th IChO official website is open.
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